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How can European Nationals protect their right of residence in the UK?

With less than 4 months to go for the next general election whereby a potentially new government with a new Prime Minister may be elected, including a change of Members of Parliament representing their constituencies, one of the main topics discussed by the candidates is if the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union or leave it.

While some candidates for Prime Ministerial seat offer a referendum for the population, others are proposing for the UK to withdraw from the European Union as their main policy and government programme. Therefore, it is realistic to say that there is a very real possibility that the UK may exit the European Union in the future.

With this prospect, many European nationals who reside in the UK wonder what it would entail for them if the UK withdraws from the European Union. Some believe that they will be allowed to remain, while others say that they will be forced to leave outright, seeing as the UK would no longer have the obligation to the Regulations of the European Union. According to many newspapers the UKIP candidate for the Rochester and Strood constituency, Mr Mark Reckless, stated last November that if elected he would propose that European migrants should leave the UK and follow standard immigration routes, should the country withdraw its membership with the European Union.

In light of an increasingly overwhelming support given by a large percentage of the population of the UK for parties such as UKIP, many European nationals fear for their future in the UK and worry about what they can do to guarantee their legal residence in Britain in the event that the UK exits the European Union.

Regardless of new policies that would be introduced if the UK withdraws from the European Union, it still remains that the best option for European nationals would be to apply for Permanent Residence in the UK, of which many are not aware. After completing 5 years of exercising European Community Treaty Rights, a European national can apply for Permanent Residence in the UK..

With Permanent Residence granted a European national would guarantee his residence in the UK, even in the event the UK withdraws from the European Union in the future. This is the best option to protect their rights of residence in the country.

If you believe that you have a right of Permanent Residence in the UK, you can seek expert legal advice from Farani Taylor Solicitors. You can book an appointment with us at Farani Taylor Solicitors on 02072421666. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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