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Child Custody

Having access to your children is often the main concern when a marriage breaks down. Deciding on matters such as child custody and parental responsibility can be difficult, and it requires some specialist skills to resolve such issues, keeping conflict to a minimum.

Matters involving your children should be handled with sensitivity, and with Farani Taylor, you can be reassured that our solicitors are experienced at dealing with such situations with care and consideration. We have the necessary expertise to offer a resolution that is best for the parents and children.

We always keep the bigger picture in mind, thereby guiding you so that any animosity is eliminated or reduced and a stable platform is built for the child to grow, mature and flourish. We try our best to reduce the negative impact of the divorce on the child.

While deciding on child custody, the following matters become crucial:

  • Parental responsibility: This includes rights, powers, authority, duties and responsibilities of the parents with respect to the child. Parental responsibility also includes rights relating to making important decisions concerning the child’s life.
  • Residence orders: This determines the living arrangements made for the child. The parent holding this order also holds the parental responsibility rights.
  • Contact orders: A contact order decides when, how long and in what way the absent parent can contact the child. This includes phone calls, writing letters and in-person visits.
  • Prohibited steps order: This prevents a parent from having Parental Responsibility, whereby they cannot make important decisions about a child’s life.
  • Special guardianship order: This grants a non-parent the custody rights of a child, thereby authorizing them the right to take care of the child, while avoiding severing any ties with the birth parents.
  • Specific issue orders: These are implemented in order to prohibit a parent from making certain choices about their child, for example, the kind of medical treatment or education that needs to be given to the child.

Our wide range of clients, both in the UK and abroad, means we have the skills and expertise to deal with international child custody cases.

If you need advice or information on Child Custody, please contact us today on 0207 118 0666.


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