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Non Molestation Order/Injunctions

Domestic Violence is defined as any incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour between people over the age of 16, who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.

It may not always be in the form of physical attack, as domestic violence implies any sort of behaviour that may intimidate a victim.

Sometimes, victims feel so abused that they may flee or take legal steps to ensure that they and their children are protected. On the other hand, there are many who feel too exhausted or threatened to speak out about the abuse.

If you have been victimised by a family member, in any way whatsoever, you can seek an injunction from the Court of law. An injunction is an order issued by the Court that restricts a person’s actions.

The two main types of injunctions, in accordance with the 1996 Family Law Act, are:

  • Occupation Order: This order determines who can and who cannot live with the family, preventing the abuser from coming anywhere in the vicinity of your home. Failing to adhere to the order or breaching it can result in the arrest of the abuser.
  • Non-Molestation Order: This prevents the abuser from harming, threatening or intimidating you or your family in any way. This also includes pestering, harassing, or any other form of abuse that may hamper your family and your well-being.

We understand that being victimised in any way can be quite disturbing and that obtaining some form of protection from the Court can be a relief.

At Farani Taylor, the experienced Family Law team deal with such delicate issues on a daily basis. We understand the emotional turmoil a family breakdown can cause. We deal with every case with the utmost sensitivity, with the safety of your family being our main priority. You can be assured that your situation will be dealt with in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

If you are affected by any of these circumstances, or you have a question relating to Non-Molestation Order or Injunction or any other part of Family Law, please contact us in the strictest confidence today on 0207 118 0666.


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