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Landlords and Tenants

If you are facing a landlord & tenant, or housing problem, our specialist Housing team can help.

We act for landlords and agents in possession proceedings and also for tenants in disrepair matters. Furthermore, we are experienced in freeholder and leaseholder disputes and for parties in mortgage possession proceedings.

We are one of the few law firms with a housing contract from the Legal Aid Agency and we can offer Legal Aid to clients who are eligible in certain circumstances. You may be eligible for advice on housing law matters through legal aid. We have a housing law contract from the Legal Services Commission. If you obtain legal aid the costs of your case may be wholly or partially paid for from public funds. Legal aid is only available to those with limited means.

Please ask us for details if you think you may be eligible for legal aid.

We also offer No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreements) and competitive fixed fee rates.

Our housing department comprises fully qualified solicitors and a dedicated support team.

For a confidential discussion, call us on 020 3301 6666.

Landlords / Agents

We offer sensible and cost effective advice and assistance where your tenant gets behind with their rent, behaves anti-socially or is generally in breach of the terms of their tenancy agreement.

We are experienced in bringing court action where necessary. We are able to obtain tenant references and Energy Performance Certificates, draft tenancy agreements tailored to your specific requirements, prepare and serve notices and issue court proceedings on your behalf. We can also represent you at court and see the case through to enforcement of any order.

We have considerable experience acting for private landlords covering all aspects of housing law that regularly affect them.

  • We are able to draft the initial tenancy Agreement based on your specific requirements and instructions and are also able to advise more generally with regard to the respective obligations.
  • Where the relationship between you and your tenant breaks down, we are able to advise and assist with regard to all steps involved in possession proceedings including drafting and serving notices on your tenant, issuing possession proceedings, representation at court and enforcement of the final order to enable you to regain possession of your property.
  • All private landlords should be aware of the requirements relating to registering deposits taken from tenants and we are able to advise you with regard to your obligations under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and assist you in dealing with any claims stemming from this brought by your tenant.
  • We are also able to advise you regarding any disrepair issues that may arise and, in particular, in defending any claims brought by your tenant that relate to this.

Fixed Fees (For Landlords) in Relation to Possession Proceedings

We offer fixed fees covering the various stages involved in evicting your tenants including consideration of the documentation, issuing proceedings where necessary and advising in writing.

The fixed fee arrangements we currently offer are as follows:

1. Initial consultation in person or over the telephone to discuss generally and consider the options available.

Free consultation of up to 30 minutes

2. Drafting section 8/21 HA 1988 notices and serving.
From £150.00

3. Issuing accelerated possession proceedings (not including attendance at Court hearing).
From £450.00

4. Issuing standard possession proceedings (not including attendance at Court)
From £450.00

5. Enforcing possession order.
From £150.00

6. Advising generally regarding tenancy matters

Should you wish to instruct us on this basis you should contact Maney Ullah on either m.ullah@faranitaylor.com or by telephone on 0203 301 6666.


We are committed to social justice and can help you if you are in dispute with your landlord or have become homeless. We have considerable experience of dealing with possession proceedings. We can also assist if your property is in disrepair and your landlord has failed to carry out necessary repairs. We can assist with homeless applications to Local Authorities and undertake both reviews and appeals of negative decisions. We also deal with unlawful evictions and harassment by landlords.

Farani Taylor’s solicitors can advise tenants facing the following issues: –

  • Disrepair – where your landlord has failed to carry out necessary works for the property, or where there is statutory nuisance such as mould, damp and rain leaks into your home.
  • Tenancy status and your rights, e.g. if you are given notice to vacate your home and are unsure how to proceed next.
  • Challenging local authority decisions in providing your accommodation.
  • Defending possession proceedings or warrants to evict, and to occupiers who are unlawfully evicted and wish to obtain compensation/reinstatement to a property.
  • To those who have purchased property under a long lease, advice on disputes regarding service charges or management of the building and advice on lease extensions.
  • Representation at court to those wishing to obtain compensation for disrepair and those who need repairs carried out.
  • Assistance in respect of recovering tenancy deposits.

Many of our services are offered on a fixed fee basis,

1. Defending Possession Proceedings with Court attendance

2. Seeking recovery of deposits through Deposit Scheme
From £300.00

3. Disrepair (against private landlord)
From £1000.00

4. Statutory Nuisance (against Local Authority)
From £850.00
***No Win No Fee agreements available***

5. Challenging Local Authority decisions
From £500.00

Important things to consider: –

The law relating to landlord and tenant can be very confusing. Farani Taylor has a dedicated team of landlord and tenant solicitors with a wide knowledge of the housing sector.

To assist you in dealing with your housing problem effectively you should:

  • Have a copy of your tenancy agreement.
  • Request regular rent statements from your landlord so you can check all rent payments.
  • Make sure that you report all disrepair to your landlord in writing and keep a copy of your letters and emails.
  • Keep receipts for items you have had to replace or obtain due to the problems within the property ie heaters, bills
  • Ensure that you open all post received at the property and addressed to The Occupier. If dealing with an agency, make sure that you are given a full name and address for your landlord.
  • Ensure that there is an inventory prepared at the beginning of the tenancy and that you agree its content.

Make sure you keep a written note of all matters in connection with your tenancy in chronological date order.

Our solicitors may be able to assist you in preventing eviction, improving your housing conditions or asserting rights under your tenancy or lease.However, in all cases it is important that you receive legal advice as quickly as possible.

If you are a residential tenant and have a dispute with the landlord, a Housing Association or local authority, our landlord and tenant solicitors are committed to listening to your needs and working hard to obtain the best possible outcomes in respect of your housing problems.

To arrange a meeting with one of our housing solicitors, please contact us on 020 3301 6666.

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