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Our Immigration Law Team


Our Immigration Team are made up of highly experienced and competent solicitors, who all have a good knowledge of, not only UK Immigration Law, but that of other countries. Between them, they speak a range of languages, meaning our clients can interact with us in their native tongue, if need be. Our Team are on hand to offer free legal advice at any time, so get in contact with them today.

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Name: Farhan Farani

Position: Partner and Legal Advisor

With FJT since: Founder in 2008.

Specialities: Business Immigration

Other Areas: Litigation, Debt Recovery, Professional Negligence

Languages Spoken: English

Email: farhan@faranitaylor.com


uma devi

Name: Sheryar Khan

Position: Legal Advisor

Qualifications: Double Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Law, Bar Vocational Course

Specialities: Immigration

Languages Spoken: English

Other: Sheryar has written many legal articles that have been published for many reputable publications including the Solicitor’s Journal.

Email: skhan@faranitaylor.com


Name: Awais Javed

Position: Solicitor

With FJT since: May 2012

Practising Since: May 2012

Qualifications: LPC, LLB, Diploma in Law

Specialities: Immigration: Judicial Reviews and appeals

Other Areas: Personal Injury, Family

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Basic Arabic

Other: In his spare time, Awais enjoys cricket, reading and swimming.

Email: ajaved@faranitaylor.com


Name: Pothiayah Aplasamy

Position: Solicitor

With FJT since: March 2013

Practising Since: 2013

Qualifications: LLB (Hons.), Diploma in LPC CPE,

Specialities: Immigration, Employment, Traffic Offence, Criminal Injuries, Compensation

Other Areas: Land and Tenant

Languages Spoken: English, Tamil, Telegu, Malay

Other: Pothiayah has been working in law for many years, and has 10 years experience working for the UK courts and Malaysian Judiciary. In his spare time, Pothiayah enjoys a number of sports, including, Badminton, Hockey and Football.

Email: samy@faranitaylor.com


Name: Imtiaz Raja

Position: Solicitor

With FJT since: March 2011

Practising Since: April 2007

Qualifications: LLB, BSc.

Specialities: Immigration, Property

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Punjabi

Other: Imtiaz’s favourite sport is football.

Email: iraja@faranitaylor.com


Name: Christopher Cheng

Position: Trainee Solicitor (Qualifying in June)

With FJT since: January 2010

Practising Since: September 2009

Qualifications: LLB, LPC, Graduate Diploma in Law, BA(Hons.) French

Specialities: Immigration

Other Areas: Commercial

Languages Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French

Other: Christopher used to be the chairperson of the Chinese Migrant Network, a charity that provides guidance to vulnerable Chinese migrants. He also enjoys playing squash and Japanese animation.

Email: ccheng@faranitaylor.com     

Name: Amer Rahman

Position: Advisor

Practising Since: 1994

Specialities: Immigration; particularly Asylum and Human Rights

Other Areas: Sports Law

Languages Spoken: English

Email: arahman@faranitaylor.com


Name: Dost Malik

Position: Advisor

Practising Since: 1999

Specialities: Immigration; Overstayers, Nationality law, Illegal Contractors

Languages Spoken: English

Other: Mr Malik has appeared on TV advising on the development and practise of Immigration Law on TV.

Email: dmalik@faranitaylor.com


Name: Fehmina Farani

Position: Advisor

With FJT since: 2005

Practising Since: 2005

Qualifications: Masters & Batchelors in Law

Specialities: Immigration

Other Areas: Personal Injury

Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Punjabi

Other: In her spare time, Fehmina enjoys writing various articles

Email: ffarani@faranitaylor.com


Name: Ahsan Malik

Position: Paralegal

With FJT since: August 2013

Practising Since: July 2012

Qualifications: LLB (Hons.), LPC

Specialities: Immigration, Conveyancing

Other Areas: Family Law (specifically matrimonial matters), Wills and Probate, litigation

Languages Spoken: English

Other: Had Ahsan not taken up a career in law, he would have loved to be a wedding planner. He also has a strong interest in Turkish and Middle Eastern music.

Email: amalik@faranitaylor.com



Name: Aynel Mustafa

Position: Paralegal

With FJT since: August 2011

Qualifications: LLB


Other Areas: Civil litigation, Criminal law, Property, Family

Languages Spoken: English, Turkish

Other: In her free time, Aynel enjoys nothing more than going to the theatre.

Email: amustafa@faranitaylor.com


Name: Zehra Tamkan

Position: Paralegal

With FJT since: July 2011

Practising Since: November 2011

Qualifications: LLB, BA Hons., LPC (LLM).

Specialities: Immigration

Other Areas: Family

Languages Spoken: English, Turkish

Other: Zehra’s ideal holiday is soaking up the sun in Cyprus while ploughing her way through a novel.

Email: ztamkan@faranitaylor.com

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