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Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal Solicitors

Over the last few years, employment law has become a great issue for businesses owners across the country. In particular, unfair dismissal is an issue that is occurring most frequently.

Unfair dismissal claims against employers are now common in UK courts, with cases appearing on a daily basis. Record amounts of compensation are being paid out to disgruntled employees and workers.

Consequently, the UK Government have made many changes to employment law to deal with this spike in unfair dismissal. This comes as the UK moves towards a uniformed and stringent system when dealing with employment law cases.

Due to these constant changes in legislation, many companies are finding it hard to keep up, and so your rights as an employee may have suffered as a result. The reason you have been dismissed may be considered unfair with regards to the most recent changes in law, so you should seek legal advice to win the compensation you deserve.

What is Unfair Dismissal?

You may have been unfairly dismissed if your employment has been terminated without good reason or in contrary to UK legislation. There are a number of common situations whereby unfair dismissal cases could be brought against a business, by employees who feel they have been unfairly targeted. These include:

  • Evidence of discriminatory dismissal due to gender, race, religion, disability or age.
  • Dismissal due to industrial action or redundancy.
  • Dismissal due to trade union membership.
  • Dismissal due to an employee’s refusal to work more than 48 hours per week.
  • An employee’s dismissal relating to an illness they may have suffered.
  • Dismissal due to maternity or paternity leave.
  • Dismissal without a reason.

Unfair Dismissal Qualifying Period

UK legislation changed in 2012 with regards to the unfair dismissal qualifying period, in an attempt to streamline employment tribunals. As a result of this, if you started work on or after the 6th April 2012, you must have worked for the company for at least two years before you can claim unfair dismissal. This has increased from the previous legislation of one year, in order to reduce the amount of claims made.

However, in some circumstances, for reasons such as maternity leave, whistleblowing, reporting health and safety risks, trade union membership or for the assertion of statutory rights, this two year period does not stand.

As the law on unfair dismissal is so frequently updated, it is important to employ an expert solicitor who can help advise you on your case.

Rewards for Unfair Dismissal

If you are successful in your unfair dismissal claim, you could be reinstated in your job, or you could be re-employed in a different job. In addition to this, you may be entitled to compensation, depending on your age, your pay and how long you have worked for the company. If your employer refuses to follow whatever the court orders, you may be owed further unfair dismissal payouts.

However, you need the right team of unfair dismissal lawyers behind you in order guide you through the complex issue of employment law. In order to be awarded correctly for your unfair dismissal, it is imperative you have the best of lawyers behind you every step of the way.

Unfair Dismissal Advice

At Farani Taylor, our unfair dismissal solicitors have extensive experience of working with employees to bring cases against their workplace. Over the last few years, our solicitors have seen it all in the UK law courts, representing all manner of clients in varying unfair dismissal claims.

If you have been removed from your position by an employer who did not follow the correct dismissal procedure, you may have an unfair dismissal claim. Our lawyers work with you in confidence to evaluate your situation, prepare your case and represent you in the Employment Tribunal to fight it.

Our dedicated team of unfair dismissal solicitors will give impartial advice, relevant to your situation. Over the last few years, we have dealt with complex cases successfully and have brought such disputes to a swift conclusion.

Claiming Unfair Dismissal

If you are an employee who believes that you have been dismissed unfairly, then contact our specialist employment law team today by calling 0207 118 1666, and see how we can help you.

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